Male Escort is one kind of Male Prostitution Service in which male or young boys continues relationship with rich alone sex needy women, Male Escorts satisfy the sexual desire of women and women satisfy Male Escort’s money desire. Now a big question arise that why do women need Male Escort for sex and pay them for sex when they can get men for sex free from locality, friends or acquaintances?

Well on this topic many people gives their opinion and we conclude that if you are think that women Hire Male Escorts only for sex, then you are completely wrong. Most of the women don’t need only sex; women want someone’s presence in their life that spends some good time with them. It’s all about quality time, rich women have enough money but no male partner who provide them pleasure because their men are too busy with their business, that’s why they need other guys, but they can’t prefer men of their own locality due to the social reputation.
Five Reasons why Women Hire Male Escorts for Sex
1. In most of the cases in which women hire Male Escorts for sex are when their husbands are more interested in money making than love making. Wives of rich men approach Male Escorts because most of the times, their husbands are busy in money making and don’t get chance to understand their wives’ needs or problems. When these women become desperate for sex, they can’t find any partner among their friends or relatives because of security issues and threat of damage in social image. Male Escorts in Kolkata are bounds to one rule, “Never reveal clients’ information”. This makes women more comfortable in hiring a Male Escort than other type of Male Escort Survive.

2. Rich women, basically who travel to places on their business purposes, stay away from home most of their times. They need some relaxation whenever they are stressed out. So they hire a Male Escort in that case. Who can travel with them and after their business meeting over the Male Escort provide companionship and sex to those women and make their trip happy and memorable.

3. Another reason for women to hire a Male Escort is?—?Most of the men, who work abroad and come home only once or twice in months, wives of such men, they lack their husband’s love and sex. They will be stay alone for long period of time. When they get desperate and have high desire for sex, they prefer to hire a Male Escort. It is the best and safest way to relax and get fun.

4. Many divorcees and widows also hire Male Escorts as they don’t have a male partner and they can’t continue relationship with other men of their locality as it may create social issue for them. So hiring a Male Escort For Sex in Kolkata in a best way.

5. Sometimes, Male Escorts are hired by couples! It’s Sounds crazy? But it’s 100% true. Some men like to see their wife sleep with other men. Some have fantasies like threesome etc. Some men think that they are not potential enough to satisfy their wives and in order to keep their marriage relation, they hire a Male Escort. In our country India these types of things are not preferred by men.

So these are some reasons why women need Male Escorts Services in India and other countries around the globe.

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