My First Client In kolkata As Male Escort

Hi Im Shub(name changed).I have been a male escort for two years, in kolkata.I am 24 years of age with average looks basically im from Kolkata
and im a btech student at computer science and Engineering. As i was very much interested in
meeting girls and aunties for NSR i floated ads in facebook and locanto describing my service. I didn’t get any response for almost one month
only there were many who have seeing my ads which i came to know thru no of views tab. After 10 days To my surprise i got a message on whats app from a lady saying
that she has seen my ad and need my service. I replied her asking her details , she replied me saying that she is 26 , unmarried and living in kolkata.

finally she booked me and saying to meet her in @ 4 PM tomorrow. Next day evening i was there by 03.45 itself
waiting for my first client ,sharply at 4.00 i received a call and i got her address. My heart beat was increasing and i found a young lady approaching me and greeted I’m disha(name changed). She was wearing a top and hot pant, Height 5’8? & she was looking so beautiful.I reached her home and she made coffee for me and she said her story she also a engineering students, she from hariyana. live in kolkata.

We are very excited. She stopped me and eyed me to go the bedroom. I lifted her and she guided me to the bedroom I place her on the bed and I removed my shirt
and threw it. She switched on the ac and kept at 20 c . I gave her kisses from head to toe and then I open her top and slowly started sucking her boobs with
pointed nipples. I sucked them as if I have never seen boobs. Every now and then tongue circled the nipples. She was moaning like a bitch and pressed my head
into her breasts.

A few min of foreplay and 5 min of play time was all she got these years. She never had a long foreplay.
I sucked both the melons and sucked the nipples together. She held me tightly each time I sucked them hard. Then I kissed her stomach sides gave her strong press
and slide down to her cunt she resisted in the beginning not to touch but she later allowed , i asked how is it ? she said plz don’t stop. she begged me to insert my dick but i was teasing her by keeping my dick near her pussy she was begging and later she took my dick and guided into her cunt. It was a heavenly feeling it was really warm inside her moans made me wild she was shouting plz do it fast.

I was all over her while i was inside her , we smooched for 15 mins and i inserted my two fingers into her cunt and my other hand was pressing her boobs she
closed her and was enjoying ever sec of it , then we were in 69 position F for next 10-15 mins After that we both were tired so we lied on bed cuddling each
other It was about 9 pm when I woke up I saw she was not next to me I saw her naked making something in kitchen she told she was preparing anjeer juice . I
asked her where was bathroom as I wanted to clean up so she took me to bathroom , i pulled her from behind and massed her melons & we had shower together and
had a quick shower sex then we came out. I took a towel and dried her and gave a long kiss . She offered me the juice and then she gave me my money and she did
refer me to her friend after another two session on the same week.

This is a true story of my My First Client In kolkata As Male Escort

Now i create my won Escorts Agency In kolkata

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